Grade 5 Math Problem

Valerie Barnes and Jocelyn Monteith
Grade 5 Math/Science

Grade 5 students were recently given the following math problem. The assignment, feedback, submission and assessment steps are taking place in Edmodo. It has been great to see the comments on the assignment page where students are offering feedback, asking questions, and assisting with technical support. Assignments are due this week may the force be with them.

Use your Problem Solving skills to solve this problem. Once you have completed the THINK time (independent work) and proved that you have solved the problem during PAIR time (getting and giving peer feedback) you are ready to SHARE (present) your problem solving strategy using one of these iPad apps: Doceri, Show Me, Educreations, iMovie, or Keynote.

1. Once you have uploaded your presentation you will receive peer feedback from a partner (on paper). Take a photo of your peer feedback page and upload it (put the paper copy in your binder).

2. Now, using the Problem Solving Rubric, you will self-assess your own SHARE. Open the attached rubric and save it to your iPad. Highlight where you feel you have demonstrated / communicated your knowledge as a mathematician and the areas that best describe your work (remember to save again after you have done the highlighting). Save and upload your completed self-assessed rubric.

3. Lastly, in the comment section of your Assignment identify one strength, and two areas for growth as a part of your ongoing Student Learner Profile work.


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