Bike Science

A great post by Two Wheel View about working with our Grade 4 students!

Two Wheel View

There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere. ~Issac Asimov 


This school year we’ve been thrilled to have both Calgary Girls School and Connect Charter School host our Bike Science program at their campuses. Bike Science gives Grade 4 students the opportunity to roll up their sleeves as they explore torque, leverage, pulleys, wheels, axels and gear ratios first hand. Working in small groups, each student gets a chance to understand the science of simple machines in terms they can relate to. How can we make going up hills easier with gears? How does the tread on our tires impact our speed? What’s friction? How can it help my bike stop or make it hard to turn? How do pedals act as levers? These questions and more are asked and answered through our series of Bike Science workshops, which are co-designed…

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One thought on “Bike Science

  1. I am so appreciative to Two Wheel View for their extraordinary efforts with our grade four students.Working with the students, they answer questions, guide the discovery process, and give the students confidence in their own ability to predict and to solve problems.


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