Grade 5 Fort Steele Camp – A Parent’s Perspective


We have been asked to share our experience with you, so you may have a sense of what we thought about the Grade 5 Fort Steele camp. Wow! That’s a big task! Our kids experienced so many different things in their 4 days out there, it is hard to sum up.

First of all – what a gorgeous setting – this authentic village steeped in history surrounded by rolling hills with mountains in the distance…… truly feels like you have stepped back to a simpler time.

Staying right in Fort Steele really helps you to take it all in and feel like you are living the way the town’s inhabitants did in 1898. The people who work in the town really add to the adventure – be it the stern school teacher, the friendly farmer or the hard working blacksmith and his apprentice – each brought so much to the experience in their period dress and manner. Our students got to see living, breathing “artifacts” who brought history to light.

We asked a few kids what their favourite parts of camp were……..

“making ice cream!”

“gold panning!”

“swimming with my friends!”

“Mr. Sweet’s campfire songs!”

Stand outs for us were …..

– seeing the excitement on the kids faces when they found gold flecks in their pans
– watching how genuinely thrilled they were to hand wash linen and put it through the old rubber wringer (who knew!)
– seeing them whoop it up square dancing – they got into it!!
– seeing some kids get out of their comfort zones and try new things (like petting and brushing a big huge horse!)
– and also getting to know each of our child’s classmates, teachers and other parents in a way we never would have been able to otherwise.

Those of us lucky enough to volunteer at camp worked pretty darn hard! Early mornings and late nights, with lots of effort in between…. it’s true, camp could not happen without parent volunteers! The days were so full and yet we wouldn’t take one experience or activity out. We were tired but also thrilled to witness first hand the magic that Connect Charter brings to the life of our kids!! Mr. Petronech, Mr. Sweet and all involved are truly to be commended.

The adventure, the physicality, the deepening of friendships through shared experiences and the sense of wonder for it all, these are memories that last a lifetime! Our kids now have this trip as a part of their history!

Thanks Connect Charter for enriching our kids lives in ways that go beyond “school”!

Kim Winsor & the rest of the 5.3 volunteer crew (Dan, Jeff, Kelly, Anthea & Jay)


One thought on “Grade 5 Fort Steele Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

  1. Thank you for sharing your impressions of the Fort Steele camp experience, Kim. The success of the program depends on committed parents such as yourself and the rest of the 5.3 team.


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