Inquiry Still Lives Here!

It has been a little while since we have posted some of the work that happens at Connect. In this latest installment of our video series, “Inquiry Lives Here”, three examples are shared.

1. Voice Your Vote – Grade 9
Our Grade 9 students adopted an active role leading up to last Fall’s federal election. Our students descended upon three of Calgary’s post-secondary education institutions in a campaign to encourage citizens to get out and “voice their vote”! It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and it afforded our students a wonderful opportunity to engage in the democratic process. Humanities specialists, Jaime Groeller and Ivy Waite deserve kudos for organizing such a rewarding and authentic experience for our students.

2. Forests and Trees – Grade 6
Our Grade 6 Science students engaged in a study of a nearby natural space’s health with the guidance and their teachers, Greg Neil and Marla Paxton. By taking our students to the wild areas of Calgary, they engaged them in authentic issues we face as we balance the pressures of urban growth with the needs of the environment.

3. The “Art” of Inquiry – Art
Lorrie Emin articulates how she incorporates innovative teaching methods with her instruction in the realm of art. This video is a testament to the hard work and visually stunning results of her and Connect students’ efforts.

We hope you find these projects interesting, and we are always eager to discuss the work we do here. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks for watching!


3 thoughts on “Inquiry Still Lives Here!

  1. Our school is adapting to inquiry based learning-I love your site-I am conflicted with how to assess and give a grade for pbl-can you share assessment strategies?


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Sound assessment is a key component to a successful Inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you on this topic. Where are you located?


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