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Inquiry Still Lives Here!

It has been a little while since we have posted some of the work that happens at Connect. In this latest installment of our video series, “Inquiry Lives Here”, three examples are shared. 1. Voice Your Vote – Grade 9 … Continue reading Inquiry Still Lives Here!

Grade 5 Fort Steele Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

We have been asked to share our experience with you, so you may have a sense of what we thought about the Grade 5 Fort Steele camp. Wow! That’s a big task! Our kids experienced so many different things in their 4 days out there, it is hard to sum up. First of all – what a gorgeous setting – this authentic village steeped in history surrounded by rolling hills with mountains in the distance…… truly feels like you have stepped back to a simpler time. Staying right in Fort Steele really helps you to take it all in and … Continue reading Grade 5 Fort Steele Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

Inquiry Lives Here – A Video Series

Over the course of this school year, my role as Curriculum Portfolio Leader has allowed me to witness a wide array of strong Inquiry-based instruction happening here at Connect Charter School. I have been fortunate that our teachers have shared the accomplishments of our students with me and I have enjoyed translating this success into a series of videos that brings focus to the work we do here. The videos are available on the school’s YouTube Channel, but here is a convenient list of the videos that are currently available for viewing. I look forward to continuing this series over … Continue reading Inquiry Lives Here – A Video Series

Inquiry Lives Here

As Curriculum Portfolio Leader, I have the pleasure of working with our teaching staff to support the design, implementation, and assessment of various learning activities.  I derive pleasure from helping teachers tell the story of their work through the production of videos that showcase the elements of their work that help to deepen the understanding of their students. To this end, I have created a series of videos centered around the theme that “Inquiry Lives Here”.  The staff at Connect strongly believes there is incredible value and benefit in sharing what we do with the world outside our walls.  Please view … Continue reading Inquiry Lives Here