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Inquiry Still Lives Here!

It has been a little while since we have posted some of the work that happens at Connect. In this latest installment of our video series, “Inquiry Lives Here”, three examples are shared. 1. Voice Your Vote – Grade 9 … Continue reading Inquiry Still Lives Here!

Outcomes based assessment: Planning for assessment tasks

-a research project by Kevin Sonico and Louis Cheng (grade 8/9 Math teachers) Terms such as benchmarks, competencies, standards, and outcomes are used interchangeably (Brindley, 2001) to indicate objectives that students must achieve. Hereafter referred to as outcomes-based assessment, the … Continue reading Outcomes based assessment: Planning for assessment tasks

Connecting with the Performing Arts

“I on the Sky” Brittany Babott ~ Grade 4-9 Fine Arts Pre-service teacherWerklund School of Education reoccurring theme in my drama classes the past term has been the exploration of what a ‘punctum’ is and how it relates to theatre. The word punctum is a Latin word:punc·tumˈpəNGktəm/nountechnicalnoun: punctum; plural noun: puncta1. 
a small, distinct point. I had first been introduced to this seemingly strange word a few years back when I attended a Ghost River Theatre workshop on devising theatre. Co-Artistic director David Van Belle had asked us to participate in an exercise where we would listen to a … Continue reading Connecting with the Performing Arts

Outcomes Based Assessment and Feedback Loops

Cynthia Nilsson~ Grade 9 Math/Science Pre-service teacherWerklund School of Education As a graduating student from the Werklund School of Education, experiencing my final practicum experience at Connect Charter, one of my professional goals was to focus on assessment for learning in a real and meaningful way, rather than only assessment of learning. With the support and mentorship of Louis Cheng, I was able to gain experience in implementing assessment for learning in a Grade 9 Math/Science class, by combining feedback loops with outcomes based assessment. The use of a system of feedback loops has been particularly effective throughout a long … Continue reading Outcomes Based Assessment and Feedback Loops

Master Chef Electricity Challenge, Grade 9

-by Louis Cheng and Cindy Nilsson Today the grade 9 students were given a series of instructions to complete a Master Chef Electricity Challenge. In teams of four, they were provided a box of electrical supplies and had 10 minutes to begin researching how to build some circuits.  After their research time, they had to put away their laptops and textbooks to attempt to build the following: A series circuit  A parallel circuit Two way and three way switches – a three way switch is the kind of switch you might have in your house, where two different switches in … Continue reading Master Chef Electricity Challenge, Grade 9

Making Sustainable Food Choices

Originally Posted February 6, 2011 Our grade 9 team recently completed a cross-disciplinary ‘challenge-based learning’ project as part of an Apple/New Media Consortium international research study. Challenge Based Learning is an approach to designing classroom work with many similarities to inquiry-based learning. CBL involves students engaging in real-world issues, conducting data-collection and analysis, and then designing and implementing a solution to an issue. You can access more information on Challenge Based Learning here on the Apple site. For our part of the research project, our grade 9s examined a number of issues related to sustainable and ethical food choices. The … Continue reading Making Sustainable Food Choices