FreshGrade: Commendations, Recommendations & Limitations

(continued from earlier posts Deirdre’s Reflections, Kevin’s Reflection,  the introduction to our action research, emphasizing student autonomy) -by Deirdre Bailey and Kevin Sonico A major advantage of the FreshGrade tool that has been touched on briefly above but merits further discussion was … Continue reading FreshGrade: Commendations, Recommendations & Limitations

Kevin’s Reflection – Finding FreshGrade: A journey through digital portfolio and online assessment

-by Kevin Sonico The shift from 9 years of teaching Grades 8 & 9 students to Grade 5 students proved to be an immensely transformative experience.  This change in my teaching assignment demanded my consideration of how to involve my younger students in their learning. There is a wide developmental chasm that exists between Grade 9 and Grade 5, and how to communicate their learning in a meaningful way deserved careful thought.  Further, there was the substantial question of how to engage their parents. I had numerous experiences with various forms of medium and all yielded divergent results when it … Continue reading Kevin’s Reflection – Finding FreshGrade: A journey through digital portfolio and online assessment

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Inquiry Still Lives Here!

It has been a little while since we have posted some of the work that happens at Connect. In this latest installment of our video series, “Inquiry Lives Here”, three examples are shared. 1. Voice Your Vote – Grade 9 … Continue reading Inquiry Still Lives Here!

Balance not Blame: Mathematics and Public Accountability

Darrell Lonsberry With the release of the results on last June’s Provincial Achievement Tests Albertans again find themselves having to wade through misinformation and misdirection in trying to make sense of what are, undeniably, dropping results in mathematics. Of course, there will be the predictable chorus from those who espouse a back to basics approach to teaching mathematics. I cringe at the possibility that the Ministry of Education will use these results to justify what I would characterize as a step backward to a rote learning, back-to-basics curriculum. What is required, in my opinion, is more support for teachers in … Continue reading Balance not Blame: Mathematics and Public Accountability

Grade 5 Fort Steele Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

We have been asked to share our experience with you, so you may have a sense of what we thought about the Grade 5 Fort Steele camp. Wow! That’s a big task! Our kids experienced so many different things in their 4 days out there, it is hard to sum up. First of all – what a gorgeous setting – this authentic village steeped in history surrounded by rolling hills with mountains in the distance…… truly feels like you have stepped back to a simpler time. Staying right in Fort Steele really helps you to take it all in and … Continue reading Grade 5 Fort Steele Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

Inquiry Lives Here – A Video Series

Over the course of this school year, my role as Curriculum Portfolio Leader has allowed me to witness a wide array of strong Inquiry-based instruction happening here at Connect Charter School. I have been fortunate that our teachers have shared the accomplishments of our students with me and I have enjoyed translating this success into a series of videos that brings focus to the work we do here. The videos are available on the school’s YouTube Channel, but here is a convenient list of the videos that are currently available for viewing. I look forward to continuing this series over … Continue reading Inquiry Lives Here – A Video Series